JOJO Flap Disc 4″ Grit 60 (Pack of 10)


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Key Features:

  • Long Life,no Burn on Work piece,high performance with Efficiency.
  • Works Perfect on General Steel,Stainless Steel,hardness Steel and Cast Iron and all types of Wood Surfaces.
  • Used for Multi purpose grinding works.

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400.00550.00 Price Excluding GST - 338.98 (-27%)

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Flap discs are used to conform and shape metal. They have densely layered abrasive cloth flaps that can shape certain metals while leaving a finished look. They are most commonly used in welding, machining, heavy-duty equipment, industrial maintenance, agriculture and food production.Flap discs are great tools for working on wood. The flap discs designed for use on wood are similar in nature to the ones designed for use on metal.For wood, you should also use the flap discs on your angle grinder just like you would use a grinding wheel

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JOJO Flap Disc 4" Grit 60 (Pack of 10)

400.00550.00 Price Excluding GST - 338.98 (-27%)